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Michael Bassik


What Fortune 500s Can Learn from Obama and Romney

Ricky Liversidge

DG/ MediaMind

Why data sucks in the new world of advertising

Join DG

Laura Shown

Grey Healthcare Group

Literacy and the impact on healthcare communications

If the average reading level in the US is between 6th grade & 8th grade, how do we best communicate complex health information?  Can we learn anything from other complex industries like banking?

Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald


Interactive print: will it be the bridge between paper & digital?

It used to be called augmented reality but that has been outhyped. Now its getting to real and lasting value with interactive print. Linking magazines to digital by showing video's, like buttons on top of the paper, enabling commerce with a click on the mobile. What is it and is this here to stay? Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, founder of worlds largest augemented reality platform Layar with 24 million downloads will lead a discussion with all who work with print and digital.

rhys mclachlan

21st century measurement for 21st century communications

 Despite the widespread adoption of digital media platforms for both media consumption and purchase behavior, the majority of global media executions adhere to the legacy planning and assessment metrics of TRPs/Reach/Frequency. The ongoing predominance of these principles inhibit innovation, exploration, development and stifle risk-taking.
It’s time to move the game on, to enable measurement on newer, bespoke, more apt measurement attributes, where outcomes, outputs and actions carry greater weight and are accorded preeminence in the assessment canon.
Join us and our friends & colleagues from Kantar to debate the pitfalls and possibilities of redefining what ‘good’ can look like.

Ian Mulcahey


Is the Tech Media Boom just a Bubble?

The UK is in the midst of what the Economist termed 'The Third Industrial Revolution'. Is this, and the corresponding growth in the Tech Media Sector, just another bubble or is it something more fundamental. What now needs to be done to ensure we capitalise on what is the biggest opportunity for our economy in fifty years.

Chris Gorell Barnes

Adjust your Set

The power of video is the influence you create

The power of the moving image is undeniable and has often been cited as a key influence over audiences. Whether it’s a political story to tell, one that encourages viewers to donate to a charity or one that sparks a generation to dress in a particular style.

For brands today, their CSR strategies are becoming increasingly important as consumers demand more transparency and a higher level of ethical conduct from the brand. Video has the ability to change people’s behavior; done effectively and you define your brand position, spark a movement and remain firmly in your target audiences mind.

After producing the film "The End of the Line" and founding my own charity (The Blue Marine Foundation) I’m interested to discuss how you continue to inspire today’s consumers and movements? How do you maintain your brand's legacy? Is Kony 2012 the exception to the rule?

Alexis Pantazis

Athens: the next Silicon Valley?

Somewhere between a sea of austerity and the drachma, international media is making Greece to be living "an extraordinary story". The country seems to be "redefining itself" and going through a "digital renaissance". Could Athens become the next capital of innovation? Or are Greek entrepreneurs living their own myth?Christina Plakopita (Founder of Netrobe), Emilios Markou and Alexis Pantazis (Co-Founders of Hellas Direct) invite you to an open discussion to share your experiences, insights and ideas.

Keren Elazari

Singularity University

What can global brands learn from Hacktivism?

Join the discussion to learn about Anonymous, and the new hacker revolution disrupting the WWW, influencing global politics & economics all over the world. We will talk about how the chaotic hacker movement started, their communication platforms, messaging & branding, and see if it hacking can be used as a power for good. Hack The Planet!

Jeff Pulver

Introduction to: Tai Chi & Personal Energy

A gathering of people who are interested in learning about Tai Chi and learning to feel your own energy.  Session will include a review of some very simple basic exercises that you can start your day with. 

Esther Dyson

new business models for emerging markets

What creative ideas/techniques are people developing outside the box of established markets with established media and established behaviours? 

James Bromley


Who would run a publishing business in 2013?

Who will actually be left by 2020? Will Google own a few of a survivers? Will there ever be a time to errect paywalls if you're not niche or have demonstrable value? Will Facebook take a commission on all our display advertising campaigns by delivering the ultimate targeting & post campaign monitoring data to advertisers? Did FT.com moving outside the control of Apple's iTunes by moving its app to HTML5 have an impact? How does context impact advertising value when so much data is individua

Todd Trippany


Silo's of Failure

In Digital Marketing are isolated workflows, silos of data, and the fragmented technology solutions being leveraged preventing successful execution of holistic marketing programs? Is it truly possible to create and utilize a holistic, integrated solution stack in a fragmented workflow environment? We see enterprises struggling with data silos, we see technology vendors struggling to deliver truly integrated platforms and we see both agencies and clients struggling to combine their staff and workflows to truly leverage the full digital marketing ecosystem.In this session we will discuss how to break down the silos of data, fragmented workflows and technology to truly create a holistic digital marketing ecosystem to be leveraged across the enterprise to drive results. Can this be done? Are we already moving in this direction? Or... is this just a “pie in the sky” view of what should be in an ideal world? Whether you are a client, an agency or a technology vendor come join in this discussion and provide your viewpoint and lets see if we can break down the barriers to success.

Leo Premutico

Johannes Leonardo

Google's Project Re:Brief is a first hand glimpse into how our industry has changed.

What better way to witness the change across our industry than to take an idea which lived over 40 years ago and remake it today, using all the modern communication tools now at our disposal? How should technology change the way we approach a problem? The way we structure a department? How should it change the type of ideas we select, and the way we bring to life some of the most powerful and influential creative executions ever created? Watch the experiment and decide for yourself…

Daniela Calderon


Responsive Web Design - What it really means?

I would like to share my knowledge and experience with responsive web design and how it has evolve the way we design and develop websites. I have had lots and lots of discussions with many people and everyone seems to either be on the same track or completely offtrack.  I have been teaching its reach and how it can help projects. Also at what extend it should not be called responsive and goes more into cross-platform optimizations. 

Margot Savell

Hill + Knowlton Strategies

Digital ROI=Relationships Over Impressions

Do clients know what they are asking when they pose the question, "What is the ROI of this digital campaign?" Do you? The answer isn't how many eyeballs have seen your campaign; what matters is how those people respond.We will examine digital/social media measurement - please bring your answers, your ideas and your creativity.

Andy Hobsbawm


 What happens in a world where every physical thing has it's own online profile and social life on the web, just like we have? If you thought there was a lot of communications on the internet today, just wait untill all the things start talking.

Rajat Paharia


Whoever figures out Motivation, Wins! (Gamification FTW)

Motivation around adoption, onboarding, engagement, and performance is a critical issue for businesses today, and companies that can solve this problem – for both employees and customers – will have a tremendous business advantage.

Game designers have clearly figured out motivation, using techniques like goal-setting, real-time feedback, transparency, badges, leveling up, onboarding, competition, teams and rewards. And now, using the motivation techniques from games in non-gaming contexts, gamification is the business owner's new secret weapon.In this session we'll discuss 5 key elements of motivation, cover how various game mechanics support them, and share examples across a range of uses - from marketing campaigns to motivating sales teams. 

Gregor Poynton

Blue State Digital

Future of a nation

What role communications will play in deciding the outcome of the potential Independence referendums in Scotland and Quebec. 

Chris Gorell Barnes

Adjust your Set

The Connected TV. The Connected Consumer

While the future of television is continuously debated amongst the industry, particularly those broadcasters and brands looking to understand their place in the Smart world, we often forget that television as we know it has already been disrupted by the very audience who watch it.

Consumers today are seeking a far greater connectedness to both brands and the programmes they watch. To smoothly navigate the future of advertising – regardless of whether it is online or on TV – we must understand the user experience across the screens in their living room.

Has the TV set lost its dominance as the main screen? How do we embrace the era of the Connected Consumer and the plethora of screens, both big and small, that content must reach and engage upon?

Sid Mankour

Buddy Media

What is the true value of a Fan/Follower?

How should your social audience be defined? Fans/Followers OR a brand's best advocates? This question raises another: What is a brand really looking for? A "Like" OR Positive Stories?

Josh March


Marketing Should Leave Social To The Call Centre

Consumers are turning to company Facebook pages and Twitter accounts as direct customer service routes. They are asking genuine questions and complaints that only real customer service agents are able to resolve - and in volumes that only large scale customer service teams (who are already dealing with millions of emails and phone calls) can deal with.But marketing teams are still gripping on to control of company social accounts, resisting the need for customer service teams to take the front line. This creates a worse customer experience, and has the potential to cause brand damage and cause social crises as customers don't get the help they need - publicly. Why have some companies managed to take the plunge whilst others are holding back? Where do agencies sit in the mix? What do customer service need to do before marketing will trust them to start responding publicly on behalf of the company? And how will marketing and customer service need to work together in future?

Stephan Pretorius

Half the ads you buy are never seen

Should viewable ad impressions be the new buying currency? How have the IAB, Comscore, Google etc responded? What are the implications and options for publishers?

Ade Oshineye


What comes after Mobile First? Mobile Only?

I will talk about Google+'s mobile experience and lead a discussion about the new possibilities in a world driven by Mobile and Social.

Tomas Gonsorcik

Sports, Marketing and Digital (i.e. Fantasy Football clinic)

For any decent sports fan, their favourite club or athlete matters more than pretty much anything else in their lives. How do you activate this raw, uncontrollable, honest and beautiful passion to build super sports brands in digital? How, why and when do you disrupt content delivery from broadcast to digital? And critically, which players do you have in your Fantasy Premier League teams? What is your transfer strategy before the holiday break? Have you played your wildcard yet?This is an open discussion for sports fans, whether you work in sports marketing, gaming or just love the game, let's get together and invent the future of sports content provision online.Get in touch with me if you want to co-host and to generally put more sense around the topic.

Stephan Pretorius

Are people really stealing my data?

Data leakage is being hyped as a massive business and regulatory risk. Is it really as bad as people are making out? How is it happening? How can you avoid it?

Didi Nishlis

Goldfish Productions

The Art of Persuasion

Having a great idea is nice...but it won't take you far without being able to convince others how great it is. Being able to get others to say YES to you is a crucial skill in our social world, from getting your kids to do their home-work to scoring that big $$$ investment.I would be happy to share with you the Art of Pursasion - The 6 super simple stratagies that will make you instantly a more persuasive person.  

Dan Porter


Visualise Your Thinking

We’re striving to put creativity and engaging communication at the heart of our business, but our ability to express our ideas quickly, memorably and most of all visually is a key skill often overlooked.

Let’s talk about visual communication in its rawest form: a simple sketch, doodle or drawing. Why are they important? How do you use them? What would your organisation be like if everyone felt comfortable drawing their ideas?We could also talk about the economics of drawing, the immediacy of drawing, the humanity of drawing. What can we learn from the youngest visual thinkers and the greatest visual thinkers?But I also want to leave time to do some drawing, so be prepared to get creative!

Alan Dykes


Social or Anti-Social?

As ad costs climb - and delivering messages to audiences you've already recruited become paid for - what is the purpose and value of social media advertising for brands, and are consumers wising up and losing interest?  

Julie Meyer

Ariadne Capital

Playing in the Sandbox

As digital marketers, we often have to work with other agencies that support our clients' offline campaign activities, PR, print, TV, etc.  And sometimes for larger campaigns, we have to work with multiple digital agencies. Dun dun dun...With different priorities, goals and ways of thinking, other agencies and partners can challenge our best laid plans.  Sometimes this works out for the best and sometimes for the not-so-best.Let's bring our stories and brainstorm ways in which we can best work with partners while delivering innovative and sound digital strategy to our clients.

Jakub Petrina

Air Bank


 What does it take to build a bank that customers like? By that I mean not just "be satisfied", but truly like, prefer and recommend to others. We are building Air Bank to be just that. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but generally we are exceeding our own expectations. We simply believe that banks are not destined to be "necessary evil". We believe that banking is just another service industry and can be performed to delight people. And yes, we take inspiration from anyone - but banks :)I will be very happy to discuss this brave adventure with you.Jakub

Adrian Avendano Monterrubio


What does the ideal real-time search for people by location look like?

With so much of our lives hidden from view, it's mobile technology that has to surface our intent and help us navigate to those people whom we will have a successful connection with, in real life, (depending on what "successful" is defined as).I'd love to discuss real world encounters and what are the key drivers behind making them happen. What makes them "successful"? Will they ever stop happening?We currently use clothes, body language and social objects to demonstrate aspects of ourselves, but what will be the fear/excitement around having more tools to signal our intent, likes and personality? What will this mean for real life privacy?

Chris Copeland

GroupM Next

Learn a Foreign Language @Stream

Do the acronyms ROI, CPM AND GRPs roll off your tongue? If you said yes, then you likely understand the marketing speak of agencies and brands. BUT, do you speak geek? Do you understand how to connect with entrepreneurs and speak that language? Are we building a digital tower of Babel or can we create a common language for greater success? In this session we’ll bring together marketers and start-ups to teach each other how best to speak each other’s language.

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