Stream Indonesia 2019 is a team effort. If you are invited to come, you are expected to take part. We have elected some leaders, but we need more….

Host Ranjana Singh, Axton Salim
Director of Stream Indonesia Nirmala Hapsari
Director of Sponsorship Claudia Anthoinette, Larry Asalim
Director of Health & Wellness Sumeet Parab
Director of Creative Thomas Sutton
Director of Preview / Discussions Khrisnan Menon
Director of Ignite Jesse Bouman
Director of Extravaganza Jesse Bouman
Director of Midnight Cooking Madness Marianne Admardatine
Directors of the Gadgethon / Tech Lab Larry Asalim
Director of Social Media Putri Nuraini
Director of Accommodation Novita Sandra
Director of Stream Cinema Claudia Anthoinette
MC Desy Bachir

Stream is (even) better as a Director, email us if you’d like to be part of the team.